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"Evolving and Adapting for Over a Century"

In 1910 our founder, Joseph Streicher, formed J. Streicher & Co. Shortly thereafter Mr. Streicher joined the New York Curb Exchange, predecessor of the American Stock Exchange, and began trading securities on Wall St.

Emanuel Jackson
Joseph Streicher
Judd Streicher
Jonathan Q, Frey

The firm has remained a privately owned family business to date. Our Chairman, Jonathan Q. Frey (Joseph Streicher's grandson), is actively involved in the day-to-day operations on the NYSE floor. No Specialist Unit on the New York Stock Exchange Floor and few in the financial industry can look back on a heritage as long and rich as J. Streicher & Co., LLC. Still operated by the founding family, which for over four generations (100+ years), continues to provide quality markets and services to our listed company community.



J.Streicher & Co moves into new high-tech NYSE trading Post


J.Streicher & Co becomes first DMM to rollout proprietary trading systems through DMM Gateway


Johathan Frey becomes NYSE Member


Options begin trading on Amex, J. Streicher opens option book


Jonathan Frey becomes Amex Member


Judson Streicher opens NYSE specialist unit


J. Streicher & Co established on Curb Exchange


Emanual Jackson started on Curb Exchange