"Evolving and Adapting for Over a Century"

Joe Streicher In 1910 our founder, Joseph Streicher, formed J. Streicher & Co. Shortly thereafter Mr. Streicher joined the New York Curb Exchange, predecessor of the American Stock Exchange, and began trading securities on Wall St.

The firm has remained a privately owned family business to date. Our Chairman, Jonathan Q. Frey (Joseph Streicher's grandson), is actively involved in the day-to-day operations on the NYSE floor. No Specialist Unit on the New York Stock Exchange Floor and few in the financial industry can look back on a heritage as long and rich as J. Streicher & Co., LLC.
J.Streicher Chairs past and present
Still operated by the founding family, which for over four generations (100+ years), continues to provide quality markets and services to our listed company community.


Trading Post2013: J.Streicher & Co moves into new high-tech NYSE trading Post

Trading Post2011: J.Streicher & Co becomes first DMM to rollout proprietary trading systems through DMM Gateway

Trading Post1977: Johathan Frey becomes NYSE Member

Trading Post1975: Options begin trading on Amex, J. Streicher opens option book

Trading Post1971: Jonathan Frey becomes Amex Member

Trading Post1950: Judson Streicher opens NYSE specialist unit

Trading Post1910: J. Streicher & Co established on Curb Exchange

Trading Post1888: Emanual Jackson started on Curb Exchange